Sunday, April 10, 2005

Art Roundup

From Art in America April 2005
Kehinde Wiley Brooklyn Museum
'Looking to european precedents for an authoritative look at american subjects'
He asserts that 'he is interrogating this tradition and at the same time emptying it out'
'The postures of power can sometimes be seen as just that, a pose'
from his site:
"Another undeniable aspect of Mr. Wiley's appeal has to do with his penchant for showmanship. For the opening of his show in Brooklyn, he hired a drag queen trained in Italian opera, sporting a wig and Venetian–style ball gown and backed by a string quartet in black tie, to perform a version of the Kelis song "Milkshake." This was followed by an extravagant banquet at Grand Prospect Hall, a Victorian–era ballroom in Park Slope."
May 6th - June 11th
Solo exhibition: Conner Contemporary Art Washington DC
May 26 - August 7th
Group Show 'Maximum flavor' at the Atlanta College of Art Gallery
October 2005
'Neo Baroque' Byblos Art Gallery Verona Italy
Deitch Projects NY


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